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On May 24, 2012, Sutron completed its acquisition of MeteoStar, Inc., now a Division of Sutron Corporation. Dr. Raul McQuivey saluted Meteostar's impressive record as a leader in the environmental analysis, display and integration/distribution systems for the meteorological, aviation, and hydrology communities: "Together, Sutron and MeteoStar are uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive set of monitoring and warning solutions available to extend mission‐critical services and assure they are managed, secure and responsive. The combined portfolio will include a broader and deeper range of products, and enhanced commitment to innovation, ensuring next‐generation technology solutions, and greater support and resources worldwide."

Since 1975 Sutron Corporation has provided over 60,000 Stations worldwide and an enhanced range of Hydrologic, Meteorologic & Oceanic Real-Time Data Collection, Warning, & Control Products, Systems, Software, Services. We build successful systems, both new & enhanced existing,.... continued....

Met Station

SutronWIN Water/Weather Information Network - Database Management
GPRSLink 2-Way Telemetry
IridiumLink 2-Way Telemetry
Complete 2-Way Communications with Remote Stations Anywhere in the World
Sutron is an Authorized Iridium® Satellite Systems Partner (VAR).Data coverage for as little as $1 per day! No transmission delays & longer battery life.
Air Quality & Environmental Monitoring Systems
Sutron's MeteoStar Division Environmental Monitoring System
Key to EnvironmentalData Distribution & Solutions includingAir Quality Monitoring plus Ozone Photometers, Gas Dilution Calibrators, & Zero Air Source instruments. Calibrator
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